Hey y'all...Welcome to my blog! After blogging on two other platforms since 2008, in 2020 I've decided to move over to the much user-friendlier and customizable Wix to continue my journey.


First as EcoGrrl, then as The EcoFeminist, now I simply write under the moniker of our little farmstead here on the North Oregon Coast, Beloved Farms, where I live with my sweetheart and our elderly pup, 4 ducks, 4 hens, 1 rooster, and 2 beehives...and contemplating if we want to raise a piggy or two in the coming year.


After battling through 5 1/2 years of unsuccessful infertility treatments (8), miscarriage (1), and multiple failed international, domestic, and foster care adoptions due to fraud (2), program closure (1), or deep-rooted systemic failures to protect legally free children from abuse (1), we decided to focus our life together as a family of two, embracing this new chapter as  solely each other's beloved, contemplating our life in the world of pandemics and fascist-wannabe 'leadership', and how we want to make a greater, more positive impact in both our community and the greater world we live in. 

Join me in our journey!