10 Days in France…Scenes from Our Time in Paris (color)

More scenes, this time in color, from our 6 of 10 days in France spent in Paris. A few things different from what we’re used to (besides every single person seeming to have a cigarette in hand)…

  1. No tipping. I like this. People make a living wage, you see.

  2. TV commercials are all in one long awful batch between shows, rather than sprinkled throughout.

  3. Men pee in the street. Some poop in the street as well. It reeks. No one cares.

  4. Tons of folks employed to keep the streets clear of garbage – and they use rakes, not obnoxious leaf blowers.

  5. Aggressive hawkers/pickpocketers try to touch you and get merch on you in high traffic tourist areas. I appreciated Dan’s well placed “get the fuck out of our way” when it happened by the Eiffel Tower as they verbally harassed us.

  6. Your plate is taken away at the same time as your dining partner -none of this rude clearing of one plate while the other eats that happens in most places in America.

  7. You have to ask for the check – they don’t bring it.

  8. No breakfast. Le petite dejeuner is all most places offer – coffee, juice, and croissant.

  9. Croissants are on average about 1-1.2 Euros ($1.50 max), and wine is damn cheap (a $6 bottle is good!).

  10. Most places do not open for dinner until 7 or 8pm. That was very tough!!

Our love

While he’d seen it from afar, on our last day I insisted he see the Eiffel Tower up close. He thanked me twice afterwards – it really is unbelievably huge and an amazing feat of engineering. This is one of his shots taken from a park bench (the main Parc is a mega mess o’ folks, but the side is underappreciated 🙂

The amazing boulangerie downstairs from our Montmartre flat. Insanely tasty pastries and an award winner for baguettes. (Coffee in paper cups. Hmph.)

More sugar and butter and flour than we’ve ever had in a 10 day stretch – yet I never felt sick. A true holiday! Love the window shopping 🙂

After finding the Canal St Martin to be underwhelming compared to the last time I was here (a river of floating garbage? really?!! ew…), we picnicked in our flat with yummies picked up from the fromagerie, boulangerie, butcher, fruit market and with a cheap bottle of Bordeaux, we were set. Bon appetit!

The staircases leading to apartments in Montorgueil and Montmartre were VERY narrow!!

Giving my honey the short version stroll through Saint Germain as we walked from Rodin to the Pont Neuf, we grabbed a seat on the quiet side of a cafe for some wine and cheese. Turns out it was Les Deux Magots, a cafe frequented in the past by famous artists and writers over the years including Hemingway, Picasso, Sartre and de Beauvior. We OD’d on four cheeses and several glasses of Bordeaux, but it was worth it. Afterwards we stopped by Shakespeare & Co, which was super unimpressive to me. (Reminded me a lot of City Lights in San Francisco, in that it was cramped and claustrophobic and packed to the gills with tourists and cocky salespeople talking down to customers. They got nothin’ on Powells.)

While we didn’t go to the Louvre or the D’Orsay (I’d been to both before and Dan wasn’t all that interested in museums), I insisted we go to the L’Orangerie, which was closed for renovations when I was in Paris in ’99. So glad we did as I have found myself madly in love with Modigliani and this painting, Antonia. 🙂

The Thinker, as photographed by my husband in our time at Rodin. He loved the gardens here, as I’d predicted.

Roses were in final bloom at Rodin (Invalides in the background).

Delicious pear tartlette at the garden cafe at Rodin. Mmm.

Gorgeous street…I don’t remember where, we walked through over half the arrondisements during our time!

Dig the old buildings…

One of the many statues in the Jardins des Tuileries. Autumn was great for this stroll with all the falling leaves. Now…if only we could’ve swept away the selfie stick jackasses…


Loved seeing Monet water lilies paintings at L’Orangerie – a great preview of our trip to Giverny…

And lots n lotsa kissin’


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