10 Days in Pictures – Ciao Melbourne!

Our last week in Melbourne – I cruised down to the Southern Hemisphere for one last hurrah with my fiance before we flew back today and he finished the immigration process in Los Angeles! A hugely busy week getting the final stuff packed, sold, donated, and cleaned up, along with wandering favorite streets, visiting favorite haunts, and spending time with our favorite people. It was a great week – and even greater to be done with the long distance and onto a regular life together here in Portland. Great to be home and while recovering from our jet lag, here are some of the many memories from the past two weeks…

the street art in Melbourne will never cease to blow me away…one thing that Portland, while we have some good stuff, still can’t compare to…

my sweetie took this selfie of he & I before our engagement party at Graze on Grey

Way cool getting to spend time with Dan’s uncle and of course, more time with his wonderful sister who I adore 🙂

Escaped to the Yarra Valley for our final weekend in Australia with Dan’s sister and family, including getting my arse kicked by Dan & Paolo at the Yarra Glen Grand Hotel where we stayed (an engagement present from them). So nice to get some extra time with family before taking off!

we Americans are easily awed by these fellas 🙂

at a favorite wall on the phone company building, painted in collaboration with a bunch of local artists. Love the note on one brick here 🙂

spent a lot of time just wandering the streets saying goodbye to the town that my sweetheart in many ways came of age in…again, gorgeous street art…

Spent our last evening in the country with friends Elizabeth & Will, just gabbing and eating a lovely last meal at Ichi Ni Izakaya on the St Kilda waterfront. Good food, good peeps 🙂

Fattening my honey up over at Iddy Biddy. Damn that Aussie bacon is fantastic!

Our original Mark Fitz piece from his St Kilda opening night – “Girl Looking Up” is made on reclaimed wood. It is going to look fantastic here in our home in Portland!

Walking through Fitzroy…

The most gorgeous vegan/GF food evah – Monk Bodhi Dharma‘s apple pancakes with vanilla bean whipped cream, strawberries, and cinnamon apple chips. First order of business whenever I’m in Melbourne and probably what I’ll miss the most!

All the pepper trees around town…smell so delish!

Awesome playground art!

Signage that makes you look twice…

St Kilda Botanic Garden community garden’s art kinda rocks 🙂

Happy selfie 🙂

One of Mark Fitz‘s many works on the streets of St Kilda – love!

St Kilda Primary School – great wall!!!

nighttime in St Kilda

Miss Jackson, one of our favorite brekkie haunts

More rad street art.


Great time in the country with Dan’s sister and family – big love!

Spent part of our last day wandering through Luna Park  – cool cool place for kiddos

How awesome. Stumbling upon a women’s football game in the park.

Sunset over Port Phillip Bay – Dan’s last request to see before leaving town.

my fella taking his last look at the sea

Ciao Melbourne! So glad to be done with the crazy travel that has taken over so much of the past few years. Home sweet home 🙂


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