Year in Pictures: 2014

Beautiful, crazy, amazingly full year. I am grateful. I am stronger. I am wiser. I am still evolving and learning and stumbling. I am this one soul, this one heart, this one body. Of the world I exist. And of these 365 days past, these are some of the images that have told a small part of my 2014 story…


We started the year on the Oregon Coast, together!

We had the amazing honor of seeing the amazing civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis as he spoke for Dr. King’s birthday.

My fella made me this coffee table from repurposed wood for my birthday.

I got to play in the snow for my 40th birthday at Lake Tahoe!

Dan got to meet my awesome big brother!

And, best of all, Dan proposed and I said yes 🙂


The week after Dan went back to Australia to wait for his immigration visa application to get processed, winter came in a big, big way!

I bought some great boots for the wedding!

And boy did it snow!

Snowdrops came out no matter what and reminded me of the beauty that was yet to come, even in the cold of winter.

We also decided easily that there was no better place than by the sea to get hitched 🙂


And seemingly just like that, Spring arrived.

The dilapidated crumbling fence was replaced!

Tomato seeds dug the new grow lights…

And my hometown, for a small blip in time, reminded me with new street art of the town in Oz where my sweetheart was closing up shop.

…and I browsed through gorgeous fabrics that unfortunately would never end up turning into the dress I’d been promised…but good things were to come…


Early harvest began with arugula!

Dan’s visa was processed in record time and with an April interview date scheduled in Sydney, we realized that my visit in May would be the “pack him up, get him to PDX” trip, and with that, we did our wedding planning over Skype and email together, creating a day of fun for us at Short Sands Beach to share with our closest friends.

I tried my hands, literally, in a ceramics class and quickly discovered this was the only shape I could make…it just didn’t do anything for me creatively, but I saved these as proof that I tried something I was afraid of and even though it didn’t change my life, I am glad I tried!

Fell in love with new nooks and crannies of the neighborhood as springtime motivated my two legs for longer walks 🙂

Got inspired for the ultimate surprise wedding gift for Dan, when I held up the phone for him to hear Shirley Nanette sing his request of “My Funny Valentine”…

And I watched the beginnings of other beautiful things, like this potato budding out of the soil…

Woo hoo! My fiance getting his “fiance visa” approved and flashing the piece of paper they gave him at the end at the consulate 😉


Finished up my 1st year as a SMART reader with Aaliyah, one of the most rewarding things I’ve done!

My “beloved” rose bloomed, a sign of a beautiful month ahead…

Flew to Melbourne to bring my honey back home, take a few last looks at Melbourne and St Kilda, and enjoy an awesome engagement party with our Australia friends and family.

An amazing coincidence happened of one of Dan’s favorite street artists, Mark Fitz, having his final show a few blocks away from the flat, so we naturally had to bring this li’l gal home with us.

Goodbye St Kilda!

On the plane, goodbye Australia! See you in a few years!

And just like that, my sweetheart was here in Portland, this time for good, working on our house and cute as ever!

How our garden grew 🙂

Oh yes…and we got married! It was the most beautiful of days that started in the forest by the sea…

…and ended with my honey being serenaded by Shirley with everyone there, including me, brought to happy tears 🙂


The month of June included petsitting our favorite neighbor dog, Roxy.

Planted our monstrous bed of sweet and hot peppers 🙂

…and watched our sunflowers grow once again to epic heights…

Big-ass project: we painted the house blue! I am happy every single time I look at it 🙂

We got our wedding pictures back from the photographer, including this, one of my very favorite shots with my best girlfriends on the beach just after the ceremony!


And as fast as Spring came, it was Summer! Buck Lake beckoned us…

We picked a LOT of raspberries at Sauvie Island!

…and I fully implemented my ‘canning station’ with my outdoor burners!

Dan began his summer volunteer gig, working at Project Grow 🙂

Getting our hiking on at Forest Park…

And my other favorite time, chillin’ in the backyard with my baby in the summertime 🙂

gypsy peppers among many other vegetables growing in the garden, my favorite place on earth…

My man the goat herder


Getting to see the family down in San Francisco was so awesome 🙂

Yay for dimsum!

Harvest harvest harvest!

…and just stopping to look around while out in the woods…


Dan’s birthday in wine country 🙂

The first night of our honeymoon at the best hotel of the trip – Cannery Pier in Astoria, Oregon.

hiking at Silver Falls

Contemplating at Lake Quinault

blissing out by bike in Astoria…

private tour at Lady Hill Winery in St Paul

Incredulous at the big ass trees in the Quinault Rain Forest of Washington

Madly in love at Orcas Island

Awestruck at the orca whales in the San Juans…

Sentimental at Raymond Carver’s grave in Port Angeles

Our girl on her first day home, we are so grateful everything worked out and she’s in our lives 🙂


a much quieter month which included a solo weekend of yoga and meditation for me at the coast

finishing up our pepper harvest

enjoying quiet walks with our new pup


We reorganized the garden, added more beds, and found a free resource for wood chips!

I got super jazzed to plan my first Thanksgiving at home!

My honey got wholly into this American tradition as well 🙂

Dan’s frequent late shifts this month meant lots of lazy mornings to walk to the park with our girl Ruby and laugh at her scampering about 🙂


Cutting down our first Christmas tree

Taking long naps…

Loving our family we’ve created ❤

One of the best nights out of the year was New Years Eve at Jimmy Mak’s, watching our friend Shirley belting it out with Richard Arnold as they paid tribute to Motown.

Most importantly, ringing in 2015 with the man I love and looking forward to the rest of our lives together 🙂


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