50th Birthday Getaway – Long Beach Peninsula

Well my honey is 50, his birthday celebrations have come and gone, and we are back from holiday on the Long Beach Peninsula in SW Washington. Thank goodness. The room had a lovely view of the dunes, the dog got her walk on the beach, and we especially liked the little fishing town of Ilwaco where Dan & I found a great pub the second night to hang out at. BUT….while we did have Australia peeps visit, it was probably the worst houseguest experience I’ve ever witnessed. We both felt like we had two rude, spoiled, sullen, high-maintenance teenagers with us this past week who had no interest in what we had to say, never showed up on time for things we’d scheduled, and grumbled about getting out of bed before 10am to have breakfast with us (and one morning one didn’t even get up til 10:30 and ignored the plate I’d made for him)! Mind you these are people OLDER than me, so it was just weird. I was raised that as a houseguest I try to integrate in with those I’m staying – eat when they’re eating, clean up after myself, keep in communication even when we split up to do separate things, and not unduly impose yourself on them (i.e., like don’t expect with less than 2 weeks notice for us to be able to take a full vacation when I run a company and Dan is using up his last 4 days of holiday for the year, and don’t get off your plane having not made reservations for a car to follow us to the beach and tell us you expect to just “squeeze in” to our tiny hatchback with our 90 lb Mastiff after we told you there was literally no room to ride together for 4 hours round trip in our car with the dog and all of our luggage). I’ve never hung out with “friends” who don’t even comment when you talk excitedly about what’s going on in your life, or bring up a difficult situation like miscarriage, and then have the friend’s boyfriend talk down to me or stay silent most of the visit. My back ended up flaring up the first full day there after walking through the dunes, so I was not able to go on long walks, bike rides, horseback, etc., and they accused us of “blowing them off” even though the things we did suggest they were regularly 30-60-90 minutes late for. And Long Beach to be honest was a mess – litter everywhere, pickup trucks driving ON the beach (why the fuck that is legal is beyond me, it’s so fucking dangerous, disrespectful and horrible on the environment…not to mention no sunset pictures for us because of the ROW of cars lined up in front of the ocean. Dan has known this friend for decades and I guess she has a reputation for being flaky, but I didn’t see it in all it’s splendor until this week, and honestly, I’ve never seen someone treat him so apathetically and show such indifference to our life, our hospitality, and turning our lives upside down to accommodate this visit (the boyfriend is a rich doctor with conferences in the US and Europe so they had a ‘bit of time in between’ to see us – it wasn’t like we were the primary reason for the visit, you see).  They literally just wanted to go out late, drink, get some legal weed, and do what they wanted, and showed no visible reaction to anything, showing up literally 5 hours after we did from the beach, as they decided to make an extended stop, arriving at our house literally minutes before we had to leave for the dinner reservations I’d made for Dan’s very special birthday. My husband is really broken up about this, and basically had words with her (via text as they didn’t bother coming home yesterday til midnight, so needless to say I ended my hostess duties right then and there), and they left early this morning instead of tonight, after she made mean, false accusations and the boyfriend not even acknowledging my existence (I had to woman the fort during that awkwardness as Dan had to work at 6am). And did I mention the “goodies from Australia” she brought were airport tourist crap, not anything she took any time to get even though he’s not been there in 3.5 years and had asked me for suggestions on? Tacky shit, man. And don’t get me started on her nasty comments about transgender people, my chin just dropped! But, as you can see in the photos, even with all that, my honey and I tried to make the most of things when we had our quiet times together. We enjoyed a great big bathtub for two at the hotel. He had some good fish & chips. Ruby met a puppy who was falling all over her. I made Dan a dark chocolate hazelnut torte and sang to him at home (at the restaurant they barely mumbled the happy birthday tune when they brought out his dessert and I wanted us all, as tradition, to sing to him). So, just like other things these past couple years, we’ve found out who our real friends are – and aren’t. It’s sad because of the long time he’s known her, but I gotta say, I never saw her as a great loyal friend anyhow – she tried to convince him not to move to the States to marry me, and she didn’t acknowledge our pregnancy loss even though she had multiple opportunities, and so it reminded me of that one friend you had in high school who just stayed in high school mentally while the rest of us evolved and, well, grew up. BAM! Vent over. Onto planning MY birthday in January, yeah? YEAH!!!


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