“You know what kids? I don’t give a rats ass how uncool it is… I’m gonna crank the Replacements with the windows down if I want on a Friday night if I want!!!”

i want to tell you about someone the world has lost, who my friends and i have lost, who my colleagues have lost. i want to tell you about the friend, the father, the musician, the man he was. but i can’t ever explain it in full. it hurts so much i can’t even handle it. two children lost a father, and the world lost a man that burned so bright in his life and whose life was cut short by an aneurysm this holiday weekend. 

i remember the day i met him, how terribly cute he was and how much he reminded me of my ex-husband. we hung out in many of the same circles growing up and i used to say how i know he was one of those boys who hit on me at dharma bums shows. he made everybody laugh and he was nothing if not loving his life and his world and his kids. we did presentations and shows together for work and i remember how he was the first one to check in on me (when my closest coworkers were silent) when my father died. i remember running into him in the street after i’d left that company and how he was so full of hugs and affection for me. i remember happy hours and drinking in his office and how he showed me the room he used to dj in at college and pointing out his dorm room as we walked the campus. everyone has memories that come to mind when they lose someone, but all i can think of is, D, are you playing one of your practical jokes? how can this be? how can you not be here anymore with your two kids you adored? we love you. 

“i’m embracing my inner white trash.”~ famous last words online


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