A Tale of Two Tables…

A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one. ~ Sam Rayburn

Our first of two projects this past month was building our own breakfast nook table. The old one from Ikea that we had was fine when I was single (top left) but after Dan came along and we build the storage bench seating, we found the table not only wasn’t wide enough, it was a pain in the ass because you’d always have to move the table to sit down because of the 4-legged style (bottom left). And, honestly, after doing our mega DIY kitchen remodel last year? It stuck out like a sore thumb next to our things we built with our own two hands. SO! After Pinterest-ing 2-legged tables like crazy, I found most LOOKED like they were homemade. So I came up with this basic design, and Dan added the diagonal cut to the base which classed it up a bit. The materials? Well the table top is actually repurposed = it’s our old coffee table that Dan built me for my 40th birthday, sanded and topped with a low-VOC water-base stain in espresso brown left over from the kitchen remodel. [Oh yeah, and that coffee table I mentioned? IT was also a repurposing project, built from two parts of an old Pier 1 TV cabinet I was going to get rid of. Rad.] The base were also using existing materials – the legs are simply leftover 4×4 posts (procured at the Rebuilding Center) from this winter’s coop-building, and the bases are 2×4’s. Nothing like a sander, saw, stain and a bit of sealer (also leftover from last year’s DIY). It is SO nice to sit down easily, not to mention have enough room for our plates and such on the table without squishing! And it was FREE!


 Because we used the coffee table top to make the breakfast nook table, we were without a coffee table in our living room. Enter project number two!!! A month or so ago, we’d splurged over at North Portland’s Salvage Works on a live edge slab of locally reclaimed red oak, and had cut the tabletop to ideal size, and thought, “what the heck are we going to do for the legs?” And then I found this modern style I love on Pinterest and realized the leftover piece slab not used for the tabletop? Well, literally cut in half it was exactly to the right dimension to make the legs. Suh-WEET! So husband did some mega sanding, then used a low-VOC water-based stain in Brown Mahogany to show off the grain while still embracing our darker wood style in the house, connected the legs with some serious ass dowels and glue (special thanks to the guy at Woodcrafters, my husbands favorite store evah), and – voila! We could NOT be happier – as I told Dan, we think it looks like one of those fancy $600 tables you see at Pottery Barn, et al. But cooler 🙂

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