A Week in the Life

Stoked to finally have completed the finishing touches on our front porch steps! Originally horribly bland concrete steps, I found a number of great ideas on Pinterest on how to cover them with wood without removing a thing, including this VERY helpful DIY tutorial. Thanks to a coworker of my husband's who loaned him a hammer drill along with the good fortune to have leftover decking from our repair project on our actual deck, plus concrete screws I scrounged up in the garage (used a couple years ago when I built our modern hearth) and even white masonry primer, it was a pretty inexpensive project and definitely added those finishing touches that our little farmhouse needed to welcome folks back as our little corner of the world slowly reopens!

Tuesday we got our 2nd shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine! I've had absolutely zero side effects after either, and my husband's have been mild (tired and achy for a day, which his employer gave additional PTO to all staff so they could rest at home...but he said it's *nothing* like when you get the flu, no fever, etc.) so after the two week waiting period we will be officially able to consider ourselves immunized and go hug our friends who are as well, not to mention not wear masks at the beach and walking down the street! That being said, it still feels odd to think about that since so many people have blown off all health expert recommendations (would they do the same if they broke their leg? doubt it! ugh...). WTF is wrong with people, I seriously don't get the arrogance and narcissism involved in all of that...particularly since nearly everyone has their other vaccinations like MMR, Polio, etc. that they got as kids.

On a totally different note, our fruit trees and bushes are starting to bloom! This is the first year our Montmorency cherry tree (left) has bloomed so I'm pretty excited, our blueberry bushes are going bananas in front of our hothouse (we brought them over from Portland in '18), and our apple tree (right) is making a nice recovery after being crowded out by the huge (since-relocated) cardoon last year. They're 3 years old now so hoping for a hint of fruit this year, but we'll see as it's still early in fruit tree world. But the berries? Those are awesome producers!

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