A Week in the Life

It's been quite a week I gotta say, but with Charley around it reminds me of the simpler things in life that I adore. Seeing him at ease off leash at the beach, in the pasture, and around other pups after less than 4 months with us...that makes me exhale just a bit easier. He's a sweet, happy boy who's enjoying his senior years with us immensely, and we are grateful for him.

Our 12 week journey in making another homemade, home-cured salami has resulted in the most delicious one to date! This one was a riff of two different types - Genoa and agrumi (red pepper, cardamom and orange peel). We'd tried this years ago during a trip to Seattle and I told my husband someday we'd have to do that flavor combo ourselves, and...voila! It is SOOOOO good!

The road is calling! Our first road trip in eons is being planned for this summer, and we are stoked! We'll be driving to Northern California, stopping in Ashland, Sonoma County, Monterey, then back home through Crater Lake National Park (I took this shot back in 1992...), exploring places we've never been as a couple, revisiting a few that I've not been to for decades, and just enjoying a real vacation. Last time we had a real vacation was when we had to leave Zihuatanejo after just a few days due to Montezuma's Revenge from something the hotel served us. So because of that, I demand a rematch!

And boy oh BOY is everything green right now! An unseasonably cool and often rainy spring (even with a few random warm days in between) has made the garden very, very Oregon-y, that's for sure! Our ducks love it of course and happily, so do our potatoes, garlic, onions and even our tomatoes (already!)...we're already harvesting kale and collards, and in another month the garlic should be good for harvesting - several weeks before it was last year. Crazy.

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