A Week in the Life

Nothing like June, when the flowers finally start going ballistic ! The foxgloves are going wild, the catmint and rockrose and ceanothus and yarrow and lupine and...even more to come! My new favorite shot of mi casa :)

Now that the weather is (mostly) more comfortable, Charley and I are taking regular walks around the path I mowed around the edge of the pasture and through the middle. Everything else gets to grow long for the birds, the pollinators, the wildlife...and the peace that comes in looking at the clover and alfalfa and daisies and grasses, waving in the wind.

The garden is coming along beautifully, even with the cooler and wetter weather this week. Although I can't complain about the rain, considering it has refilled our 1,000 gallon rain tank by the barn and re-greened the grass that was already starting to yellow as Oregon - even here on the North Coast - is dealing with drought conditions. Fortunately sun and upper 60's are back in the forecast for this weekend so hopefully that cherry tree that I've got protected from the birds will get to fruiting ! And yes, that's fresh Italian parsley I've harvested - woo hoo!

Our Houdans are growing like weeds and getting more gutsy by the minute! They are loving the days when my husband comes home with 'compost' from the co-op (the stuff they can't sell, like wilted greens and soft melons and imperfect corn on the cob) and the weekly fish scraps from his butchery work for some good protein kicks. It's interesting not doing the chicken tractor thing like we did in 2019, but nice to have a much larger space for them to run around, both covered and uncovered (a good thing considering the chillier and wetter days we have had since we got them earlier in the season!). One of the 38 appears to have a leg deformity but it's managing to get around and eat, so we're not worried as of yet. They are absolutely entertaining to watch, particularly with the young roosters (cockerels) getting their Peter Brady-sounding cock-a-doodle-doos going, and racing at any sound of an animal (yet fearless around our dog Charley). They're about 10 weeks now and so nearing the halfway point since they are heirlooms. It's all about the gorgeous dark meat :)

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