A Week in the Life

Every once in a while, I like to share what a week in the life looks like around here. Tell me about yours in the comments!

Taking a walk on the old logging road behind our house. It's rarely ever got vehicular traffic these days so manages to be a perfect way to stretch the legs out. While we live in the country, there are no bike lanes or sidewalks, so the irony is not lost. We are grateful for these quiet walks.

Homemade hot cocoa in my new favorite Kamala-inspired mug I found on Etsy? A lovely way to end the evening. As we don't like using our homemade oat milk for beverages (I've found it's impossible to fully strain it enough so that, when microwaved, I don't have sludge in the mug...but it's awesome for all other uses) and have found that flax milk just doesn't vibe with hot cocoa, occasionally we pick up a quart of goat's milk for a seriously delightful cuppa to sip in front of the fire. The recipe is simple:

* Fill a mug full of organic milk and pour it in the pan * Add a heaping spoon of cocoa (I love Saco, which is organic, fair trade, AND donates to Kiva)

* Add a heaping spoon of honey (organic brown sugar would be my next pick)

* Add a splash of vanilla

* Whisk until warm. If you want to get interesting, you can sprinkle cinnamon and chili into it, OR go all out and add some chopped bittersweet chocolate and arrowroot powder for a thick and gorgeous Italian version (AKA 'drinking chocolate')

Where I'm spending a lot of time these days. ln quarantine with client work a fraction of what it was, there's really no excuse. Back in late winter, I'd purchased a big ol' pass to the community center and pool and was really excited to use that and then, well, y'all know what happened. So I found this Pro-Form hybrid elliptical / recumbent bike online then did some searching and realized they had one left in stock at our only sporting goods store in town that required no shipping (large deliveries out here are a logistics and service nightmare due to the horrific company that appears to have a monopoly on that type of work) and for much less than any of those fancy Pelotons and such. It's great on my recovering knee as well as my never-quite-100%-healed disc injury in my lower back, gets my heart rate up, AND despite the fact that it claims one needs an "iFit membership to activate", it turns out it's simply manipulative marketing and a) as soon as you put it together you can operate it manually, and b) as soon as you put in the batteries (rechargeables, of course), you can access the preprogrammed workouts for both along with the heart rate monitor, distance, RPM and countdown clock. No way am I paying an extra $15/month for their "iFit program" that simply gives them access to your data, when you can use what they already provide on the machine. Word to the wise. Anyhoo, I'm in the very slow-but-sure process of transforming this room into a full on exercise/yoga/meditation spot which I'll eventually show in a separate post when it's complete, but for now here's a peek at the mantra I have on the wall and the seashell mobile my husband made 5 years ago (from our collected shells, one of the only things we've kept since our parenting journey ended in August). Turning grief into growth...

Meanwhile, the husband has been back in the curing game, making a new batch of biltong using his favorite Painted Hills' pasture-raised beef sustainably raised right here in Oregon. I rarely eat beef so this is his go-to "work snack" and he loves it!

Ah yes, and while we don't have our sweet girl Lucky with us any more, we did manage to make a new salamander friend when we were out on our walk Monday! (I had my husband put his foot next to it so y'all could see how long this one was!). Little things like this to discover make us grateful for where we are, so even with all the mess going on in the world and the challenges to my career, I write, I photograph, and I am thankful.

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