A Week in the Life

February is off and running and with that, the world spins just a wee bit faster!

As part of a winter project, I went through our old external hard drives that'd been stashed away. Mine was for all my iPod songs (yeah because 14 years later, we both still use our iPods!), and now that we've got our music copied over to Spotify, mine wasn't needed and my husband's contained a bunch of old movies that didn't transfer over here in the US. BUT...I found a folder of photos on his hard drive that included a ton he'd taken during a trip to the States to see me, with a ton right here on the Oregon Coast! The above selfie of us he'd taken? I'd never seen before! So it was a really cool surprise from 8 years or so ago!

As for our new boy Charley, he is settling in pretty darn well. Vet says he's probably closer to 9 years old (shelter claimed "7.5") and that's fine with us, as we appreciate he's got that mellow with a touch of spunk in him...not to mention shelters are rarely accurate with age! He's adopted the squeaky toy that was originally my Daisy's well over a decade ago, very rarely tries to get on the sofa now that he's got his plush new bed (filled with 100% recycled fibers - yay Costco!), enjoys sunbathing just about anywhere on the property, is obeying commands better, and I'm thinking in another week or two he might be ready to go offleash in the garden with the ducks and chooks...pretty amazing difference between him and, well, all of my other Big Dogs (Rottweiler, Mastiff, Pitbull). Yet there's an old soul in this dog that seems to encompass the last three which melts me :)

Took advantage of this rare spate of mild sunshine and am experimenting with this trellis that I've connected my two new lettuce beds, inspired by this lovely Pin I have had saved for seemingly forever. This trellis was jammed in between our woodshed and fence and as we could never get the mower through it, I decided to repurpose it! This unfortunate concrete slab in our backyard (which once served as the foundation of an old workshop I was told) is now in development to be something colorful and fun, building a variety of garden beds, trellises, etc., and eventually a BBQ area :)

Not much in bloom seeing that it's about mid-February, but the daphne is just starting to bloom, and the yarrow literally never came to a halt over winter. Slowed down, yes, but to see a few yellow bits? Totally cool. Husband divided several of the yarrow plants in late fall (both pink and yellow ones) to plant in our next section of the garden (every year we cover up another 400 s.f. or so of grass as we live our botanical garden dream out here...here's the first 'before and after' post) as they grow so so easily both here on the coast and back inland where we started. Being the time of year it is, it's not particularly photogenic in the flower garden, but in just a few weeks we'll have more plastic to be pulled up, mulch to be spread, and even more to plant! I'm SO antsy for Spring...aren't you?

And finally, with the spot of sunshine that came before the freezing rain, our chooks enjoyed a nice long dust bath in front of their nesting boxes. It always cracks me up to see them lollygagging in the dust pit they've created, splayed out like they're at the spa.

Did I mention one of our ducks has decided to commandeer one of the nesting boxes for herself rather than use the duck coop she's used for the past 3 years? Maybe I can get a snapshot of that next time...


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