A Week in the Life

With some pretty nasty wind and rain this week, my husband has had the rare privilege (?) of driving instead of biking all week and so, being even closer to home than normal, I've been spending extra time in the kitchen, including making German pancakes, one of my all time favorite brekkies from childhood. :)

And as I am on the recumbent elliptical, I've started my first ever dive into Audre Lorde's work, in a book I've had on our bookshelf for years (part of the "buy everything on the shelves when I'm at Powell's" habit my husband and I tended to have in the past, haha...). Right now I'm reading an essay of hers written during her travels in Russia...seriously great words, y'all.

I've also spent some time digitizing a bunch of memories from a bin I had in the garage, including this sweet (very 70s) card from my dad to my mom, a rare bit of insight into the love they had before everything imploded before I could establish any solid memories of their marriage that didn't involve their fighting. I also went through my old baby book and digitized some things and tossed others. The interesting thing that happens when you end the journey to have a family? You realize nothing you have will be passed down. And with that, you look at things differently that you'd been saving. My bin full of 80's and 90's 'memory clothes' that was saved to someday show my daughter? Random odds and ends my dad and grandparents gave me? Now getting posted on my Etsy page for sale (will try Poshmark if they don't sell here). Not everything, but most. My husband did the same with a few choice items. After all, what good does it do in a box? Let someone else enjoy it and save the photos you have of yourself in them and set them free...and maybe make a couple bucks.

Ah yes, and while husband is cutting down some alders for firewood and I'm busy prepping the garden for spring, Charley the Dog sneaks up here and enjoys the extra-good life...

And finally, after much deliberation, husband and I decided to make the Big Purchase for 2021 - a Yardbird chicken plucker! These babies have been selling out during the pandemic and I've had it in my Pinterest for over a year so finally said heck with it and ordered it from our nearby farm store. We borrowed one from a neighbor in 2019 when we did our first round of meat chooks, and it was on its last legs, so with 40 chicks arriving in early April, we didn't want to risk the possibility of hand plucking, so...voila! It's a beast!

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