A Week in the Life

Returning to Short Sands, our favorite little cove, to introduce our boy Charley to it. For some reason I spaced on checking the tide tables and it was SUPER high tide, with literally no sand and rocks loaded up on the beach. With my recent diagnosis of rapid onset OA in both knees, it was just not happening to let him go crazy on the beach as we'd hoped, but my husband got him down on the rocks for a wee bit to investigate, and the three of us got in a good walk through the woods. We were married here seven years ago this May, and every single one of my pups have come here, so it's always a big exhale when I arrive. And nothing better than coming here on a weekday morning where it's sooo much quieter. With impending spring break, we needed to get in our ocean time pronto before heading back to the farm, and it was nice to see that he is getting more comfortable on the leash with us. Still very protective of me, but had his first off-leash meet 'n' greet with local pups which went well (whew!).

Ten sales of my vintage goodies on Etsy so far! Saying goodbye to my beloved brown Docs from the 90s and pointy boots from my dance floor days of the late 80s was kind of hellish, but considering they'd not been worn in far too long, with the pointy boots actually being stored for years in a bin, I thought it made since to let others breathe second lives into these rather than hoard them. I'm so not a hoarder, of course, but with no one to pass these lovelies down to, might as well make a couple hundred bucks :) I also sold an old Eisenhower dollar, my old Swatch from 6th grade (I know, right?!), my husband's old Magpies jersey (oops, "guernsey"), a pocketwatch and vintage pack of WWII-era Japanese cigarettes that were my grandpa's, my mom's old Elvis ticket stubs she didn't want, and some antique children's books that a buyer in Louisiana was stoked to add to her collection, among others. I only wish I'd thought of this earlier y'all! Click HERE if you want to see what else is up for grabs! Doing this has really been freeing in a lot of ways as most of this was boxed up in a "memory box" my husband and I keep, and knowing we have no one to pass this stuff down to, there really is no reason to hang onto it. (Side note: I was trying Poshmark as well, but after they falsely accused me of posting a counterfeit item - the aforementioned jersey - then their faux customer service ignored my dispute, I removed everything from there and closed my account. Very shady company I gotta say.)

We've also enjoyed some serious sun and mild weather this week, which has been awesome. Plopping outside and chilling on the grass while I work outdoors is his favorite thing, but he also Charley loves to set his chin on the window sill and watch the birds outside (I can't help but get stoked about that eucalyptus in the second photo, as we had that in a pot on our front deck in Portland, and now we realized that in a few years it might reach the power lines and need to be trimmed back. Crazy!). Cannot wait til summer I gotta say!

Germination! My favorite word as of late as everything is starting to show the annual evidence that I have not failed as a gardener, haha. This would be a peek at the spinach and lettuces growing in one of my two Lettuce Beds built from scrap wood over the winter. Woo hoo!

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