Anniversary Getaway: Bandon, Oregon


Highway 101

So, our anniversary getaway turned out very different than planned, as the Airbnb we’d reserved in Central Oregon we discovered a few days before departure was not a “whole house” as described but rather just a bedroom + microwave, with a “shared” porch and a “shared” hot tub. Ew. We are not “shared” people on our anniversary. Lesson learned? Never book an Airbnb from your mobile where photo captions aren’t visible and where all you see is a bedroom. Learning this so late meant nothing affordable was left in the high desert in our price range. (FYI, something $125/night will end up 50% more because of the fees, and that to sleep on what usually is an old lumpy bed? Homeydontplaydat.)  So, as “staycations” are not a good fit for a gal like me who works from home, I wigged out a bit. But turns out there was a silver lining – the forecast in the desert was for a rare shitty weekend of rain and cold – which would have defeated our dream of seeing starry skies over the desert.

With this, we decided to make the drive a bit longer and headed to the Southern Oregon Coast, grabbing a beachfront motel room with a kitchenette in Bandon…and guess what? The skies were BLUE, baby!  Here are some excerpts from our getaway…

Bandon had glorious weather awaiting us!!! Tank top weather? Yes please! No crowds whatsoever? Yes please! Gorgeous section of coastline neither of us had wandered (even native moi)? Yes please! Amazing beachcombing with a huge bag of colorful rocks (even some agates!)? YES PLEASE!

We ate well too! To be economical as well as not have to rush out first thing, we brought all of our own breakfast fixins with us, enjoying leisurely mornings at our little table in the room overlooking Coquille Point (part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge). For lunch we were diggin’ the local seafood, including the delish dungeness crab sandwich at Tony’s and fish & chips at Bandon Fish Market, and for desserts we splurged on drinking chocolate at Coastal Mist. Dinners were diverse, from homestyle Italian (complete with live acoustic guitar and violin) at Angelo’s to burgers with fried cheese curds at Broken Anchor to the highlight of our trip, our anniversary dinner at Alloro Wine Bar (yep, we gave ourselves a short reprieve to drink since it was our anniversary). Mmm, I had the most gorgeous sea scallops imaginable, y’all… And on our last day, we made sure to check out Face Rock Creamery, whose locally made premium aged cheddar and pepper jack cheeses are simply out of this world – in fact, so good my husband got the t-shirt 🙂

Oregon Dunes Awesomeness

On our drive down to Bandon, we stopped and spent a bit of time at the Oregon Dunes, where I’d not been since I was a wee 18 years old and wanted to make sure my husband had the opportunity to see, and he was madly in love. It’s so beautiful and different from anywhere else on the coast and we know we’re going to have to return to spend more time hiking around there…it was so peaceful!

Ruby’s Holiday

Our girl loved the four day weekend as well, and while she is definitely showing signs of slowing down a bit more since our last trip (which meant a few of our hikes had to be shortened as the hills were a bit too much for her), she was really loving the awesome beach time with us 🙂

Anniversary Surprise

Since I did the logistics for this trip, my husband was left in charge of what we’d be doing on our actual anniversary, Sunday, and he sure done good !! After breakfast he let me know we were going for a drive, and took us down the coast about 30-40 minutes to Port Orford and Humbug Mountain. While the beach was a bit too blustery as the sun didn’t arrive til afternoon that day, it was PERFECT for a hike in the temperate rainforest of the state park. We agreed this area is most definitely a place we’d love to return to…wayyy more than Bandon which was pretty and nice, but had a bit more of a rich and senior-citizen-y vibe than was ideal for us (Bandon is, sadly, also known for its famous golf courses, which I detest – no matter how much they try to greenwash it – for their environmental disgustingness). It’s less than an hour from the Oregon/California border and if we had more time, we’d have cruised to Brookings afterwards, but the less time in a car, the better, as far as we’re concerned.

Long Weekends RULE!

So many things were explored while also keeping focused on doing whatever…or nothing at all. From checking out the Coquille River and Cape Blanco lighthouses, to exploring the old jetties surrounded by driftwood, to beachcombing for agates and other beautiful rocks, to spotting harbor seals in the surf, to getting out the binoculars to check out the sea birds on Elephant Rock, to learning about the velella velella jellyfish we were spotting in the sand, it was just the right pace and flow for Dan and I.

We had an awesome time, and while wish we had more time off to continue to explore, I gotta say there’s nothing like a holiday to make you appreciate what you have at home. Ruby slept about 12 hours when we got home, and boy oh boy nothing compares to your own bed. That being said, it was a marvelous getaway, and we can’t wait for our next adventure!

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. ~Robert Orben


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