Anniversary Getaway: Wallowa Lake

So I guess we’ll have to call it our “pre-anniversary” getaway as when we arrived in Joseph to our gorgeous rental home on the lake, we were extremely let down by the one thing we were promised by the rental company we’d have – a firm bed to sleep on. Instead of this, the rental had old, soft, lumpy beds which they claimed to have “fixed” by topping them with 3″ foam pads. Um, no. Basically adding this meant that the bed was EVEN softer and EVEN less supportive. Which meant this – I was sleeping on the floor or on the sofa. Doing a combination of these for 2 nights left me not only in pain but also extremely sleep deprived. Since they could offer no immediate fix for us we ended up driving home 2 days early, a real bummer because otherwise the house was gorgeous and as you’ll see from my photos, the view was amazing. The one benefit to waking at dawn because of back pain was seeing the gorgeous sunrise on the lake! It’s an Alpine lake so swimming was not an option since that’d be like doing a ‘polar bear plunge’, but it was nice to go out onto the private dock with my sweetheart and our pup and just enjoy the silence of being out in nature. The weather was warmer than predicted which meant t-shirts instead of sweatshirts (although my husband will wear long sleeves 365 days a year if allowed, haha), and with a full kitchen Dan was able to grill some marinated BBQ chicken on the deck barbecue, I was able to whip up some carbonara (with my newly finished applestroop bacon I’d cured!), and together made some awesome grilled yams and challah with eggs and bacon and big mugs of coffee and chai. That was excellent. While our stay was just for the weekend instead of the 5 days allotted, we had some good time doing nothing at all – our favorite way to vacation – and that was a good thing. As I told my husband, you know what, I’d rather spend our anniversary waking up together in our own ridiculously comfy bed than sleeping in another room on the sofa because I’m in pain, and being grumpy all day as a side effect of the sleeplessness. We drove home and found that our roses and poppies had started to bloom, and the ducks scrambling at light speed out of their run into their bucket pool to cool off (it was 83 degrees Sunday and 90 degrees Monday – so much for getting a Spring this year!) and keep us entertained. Our anniversary was spent in our happy place – wandering around the garden, working on DIY projects (husband is almost done with our new coffee table from reclaimed red oak and the breakfast nook table made from repurposed wood in the house and garage, yay!) and enjoying croissants and cappuccinos at Petite Provence. We sat outside and watched the ducks and exchanged cards (he wrote me a long letter, which I always love getting from him, since writing is what brought us together, and my give was the earlier blog posts y’all saw) and talked about how the last year had been and how much we have to look forward in our fourth year of marriage and seventh year in love. That’s all we really need – to be together – when we celebrate this love.

Yay for making lemonade out of lemons! Yay for this great love we have! Yay for home sweet home!!

As a side note, today we received a really wonderful email from the rental house manager who not only refunded one night of our stay (even though the refund policy was strict), she said she talked to the homeowner of the vacation rental and they agreed to take our suggestion seriously and are buying a new, firm bed, with an optional memory-foam pad for those who want a softer bed (as I’d let tem know it’s easier to make a firm bed soft than a soft bed firm)…AND said whenever we want to return, the first night will be on the house. Now THAT is good service!


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