attack from all angles

today there are angles where i usually have curves. both sides of my neck and shoulders now feel as if i am propped up by swords, digging into my upper body and sliding up behind me and up towards the top of my neck. and with soreness of muscles on the lower half, i’m in bad need of an escape to a quiet place where hands can soothe away the anxieties. the gift of quiet where talk is soft and music is low, and the shared intention of mellow vibes and mutual chill.

the vino earlier did not seem to do the trick but the conversation was a good distraction either way. tonight i head out for acoustics and wish for these sounds to glide through my bloodstream and gently press all the pains out from the neck through the shoulders and arms and out my fingertips. this morning it was painful to awake, but like with all sore bodies and hearts one must let it make its way through the system, while at the same time accommodating comfort. but i say i’d do anything for thumbs on the pressure points of my scalp and neck and between the blades and along the hips and down the hamstrings. okay and i admit, might as well take care of these battered summer feet before they go into winter hibernation and fluffy socks.

there is such relaxation in the simple act of touching and being touched. by nature i am a very sensory person, and to be around people i am close to without showing them my natural self is not something i care for. we all need to be touched, held close, squeezed tight, softly caressed, gently nudged. cheek to cheek or tummy to back or arm in arm, there is something i love about the rhythm of sensation when two people are together. i have a few friends who haven’t quite come to terms with demonstrative behavior, but most are like me and love the sweetness that closeness brings in all forms of intimacy, whether it be with a sister or a friend or a lover or a grandparent. everyone should be able to hold the ones they adore, fall back laughing into open arms, and breathe in the essence that is affection.

in a world where people often retreat to their caves, i urge reaching for one another and ask for the comfort you need. leave all preconceived notions and love unabashedly. let your heart soften and you will be stronger for it. allow those you know to give of themselves, and forgive yourself for not being everything to everyone. kiss your child goodnight, squeeze his hand when you see him off in the morning, link your arm with a girlfriend’s as you stroll the shops, kiss the back of her neck as she lay sleeping. never let the senses escape. savor warm skin.


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