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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius tonight i watched the news and they said 1 out of 3 women refuse to leave the house without makeup.  and many say they never let their partner see them without makeup.  and many smile and nod, even laugh at how true that is for them.  ahh, women, some men say.  that’s just how they are, some think.  the report said, some women don’t think they would have attracted their spouse if they hadn’t been wearing makeup.  really?  that’d be a whole lotta assholes out there, as far as i’m concerned.

yet few ever question about how tragic this is – how our real skin and real eyes and real lips are so not worthy of being exposed, are so ugly unless we cover them up, how we’re just not good enough if we go out naturally into the world.

some companies even try to disguise their sales tactics – bobbi brown herself, and even the new and unimproved drew barrymore for cover girl (sorry y’all, she’s skinny as a reed now and went from happy go lucky flower girl to typical hollywood makeup spokesmodel…ugh), they both say ‘it’s you, just better’ – meaning, conversely, if you aren’t wearing makeup, that’s you, only worse.

and the real winners out there are the ones who have bought the myth that makeup actually Protects Your Face!  the only thing, my darlings, that protects your face, is moisturizer and sunscreen.  bada bing.  that’s it.  your face is not a cut where you cover it up with a bandaid and that helps it heal.  your face is not a wound.  it needs air to breathe.  keep it clean, protect it from the sun, moisturize it from the dry air, and you’re good to go.  you cover it up with shmucky foundation and you clog it, you mess with your pores, you disallow the real you to show through. and it’s horrible for your skin!  it’s a vicious cycle and like anything, you have to go cold turkey for a bit in order to truly get used to a life without makeup as a necessity, without it defining you as a person.

and no, i’m not one of those anti-makeup people, either.  like jewelry, it’s an accessory – it’s adornment. i love my mac ‘paramount’ red lipstick for those betty boop days and i love my black boots with the heels and occasionally pulling out the fishnet or doing the hair in curls.  but 90% of the time, i look like the girl in the picture. i wake up, splash cold water on my face, put a little organic spf 15 moisturizer on, run a brush through my hair, and head out. i don’t own foundation, or powder or eyeshadow or blush or mascara.  i don’t have a ‘makeup routine’.  why would i get up 20 minutes early to apply makeup to cover up what i actually look like?  if your self esteem is based on whether you wear makeup or not, you’re in trouble.  and what breaks my heart is that it is SO deeply ingrained in our society and how our girls and women think, that there will be many who disagree with me, who spend hundreds each year at the makeup counter, who think it’s awful to look your actual age. 

my girl over at 5 Seed wrote a post a while back about going without makeup and for women to come out and share their photos of themselves without makeup.  it’s so important for us to be who we are, to yell it from the rooftops – THIS IS WHO I AM AND MAKEUP WON’T CHANGE IT! 

i guess why it’s also so harmful as well is because you see the unrealistic beauty of hollywood, and you think that’s how they wake up – no flaws, no zits, tan skin, perfect bodies.  and the media paparazzi try to get celebs ‘without makeup’ to then plaster onto tabloids telling us how shockingly ugly they are without their makeup, a not-so-subtle reminder that you better not dare go out without your makeup, that you are not beautiful without your makeup.  what’s interesting to me?  when celebs go bare faced, they end up – gasp! – looking like regular human beings.

now, do you think anyone said, steve buscemi, you really need to fix that face?  no, it’s part of his character.  do they tell brad pitt, ya know dude, you’d be so much more successful if you just put a layer of silt over your face to cover up all those imperfections?  um no – why?  because with me, we LIKE that they are natural, we LIKE that they are real, we LIKE it when they don’t take forever to get ready – well, most of us like that at least.  it’s laughable.

so i can’t change the universe, of course, but i can encourage women to think – what can i do to be more at peace with how i truly look?  where can i be a little more accepting of me? can i strip one item away from my makeup regimen?  can i not use the word ‘regimen’ and start to let my mindset evolve to where i’m allowed to focus more on being healthy and happy, and letting that show through your skin?  below is a picture that exemplifies beauty…may we all wear that smile, have that light come from our eyes…

A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. ~Anne Roiphe


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