Before & After: Creating Open Shelving

Well, they say when you spend the holidays solo that you should work on some type of project, as if it’s just a quiet Sunday.  So, after a walk in the rain to buy some fixin’s for stuffed shells, and a stopover at Starbucks for a chai and journaling (not my fault! it was the only open cafe!), I took a good look at my shelving in my kitchen and thought, these need more than just wiping down. Something about paint projects makes me feel good – a zen kind of thing, clearing the mind…

So, after getting some online inspiration and saving more ideas onto my Houzz portfolio (not familiar?  think Pinterest just for home and garden ideas, but with a ton of designer projects already documented with great Q&A for those “where did they get that?/how did they do that?” inquiries we all have.  Then I plugged in the iPod to the TV and turned it UP (let’s just say that today was a Ramones kinda day, not the requisite holiday tunes, sorry…although I do have special affection for the acoustic guitar of the late, legendary Oregonian John Fahey), climbed up there, and got going…

Paints used – Rodda’s Horizon no-VOC in sierra blanca + Miller‘s Acro low-VOC in iron horse.  I love the low/no VOC paints not only for the eco benefit, but also because you can paint in the winter without opening windows, yayyyy.

BEFORE: last year, when I’d simply pulled off the doors of my cupboards to try out open shelving

DURING: guess what – it wasn’t just painted wood, it was white liner paper on the shelves & back wall of the cupboard – can anyone guess what era the second layer of paper may have been from? 🙂

AFTER:  something about the gray really helps everything pop. that and a fresh coat of white? hey, it’s the little things that make me happy!


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