Before + After: From Cowboy Breakfast Nook to Modern Farmhouse Pantry

Now, when a real estate listing says “saddle on up!”, you’re thinking about it being a horse property. You don’t realize til you get there that it also means the ultimate in tacky interior details. From the horrific sponge painting on the wall to the massive galloping horse stickers to the faux stained glass cowboy boot and burnt orange doors on the base cabinets, with the added bonus of a literally GREASY vinyl articulating ‘curtain’ between the kitchen and this nook, it was not cool. Ah yes and in the below left picture, that was taken on day one with her junk on the counter that she left behind (fortunately the day I got the key, her garbage was still out front for pickup so I swiftly stacked at least 9 more bags of her stuff on the curb for her to pay for).

So needless to say, I had to see the potential in this room. And like the chiffon-filled other rooms, there was a lot of stuff that ended up being donated to either Goodwill or the Rebuilding Center, from the curtain to the faux wooden blinds. As far as the cowboy boot doors? I swear to you someone snapped them up within 24 hours of my posting them on Craigslist. Go figure.

So I got busy removing the cabinet doors and not-dusted-for-years blinds, scraping off the horses, and yanking down the vinyl door, and pulled out the white paint. I built some shelves from scrap plywood to take advantage of the bare wall, with coffee cup hooks to hang things like cake pans and colanders (due to having a massive window in our kitchen – which we love – there’s actually not a ton of wall space, but we figured this being a pantry would be perfect…kind of a Julia Childs vibe minus the pegboard), plus a sweet deco light we picked up back in the big smoke to transform the feel of the room. We replaced the windows with Energy Star sliders as well and allocated a charcuterie corner to take advantage of the room’s coolness being on the north side of the house (our two prosciuttos from two different pigs, in various stages of curing, are pictured below). As for curtains, when there are slider windows, any style of blinds are a bit awkward in my opinion, and I’m not one for frou-frou curtains, so I found the idea to repurpose coffee sacks as window treatments, got some freebies at the local roasters, picked up clips along with a tension mount rod for about $15 total, and bam! Sliding curtains, done!

Whatcha think?

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