Before + After: Guest Bathroom

Here's a look at our spring reno, finishing up the final bathroom fixer upper project!

Let's just say it was so ugly beforehand that this was the only photo I took (when I gave the vanity away on Craigslist). Everything was in piss poor shape so we gutted it except for the dual flush toilet we'd installed at move-in, and made it inviting!

I ripped out the old vinyl flooring, we cut out the nasty tub, accidentally broke the mirror when trying to frame it, and donated the vanity. We paid our awesome tile guy to do his magic on the shower and install the bamboo floors, then I painted the walls with leftover zero-VOC paint from the living room, bought a relatively inexpensive vanity, light, shower curtain and wall mirror online, and bam!

I did splurge a bit on this shower head. Originally we were going to knock the wall out to do a freestanding tub, but $$ was prohibitive due to competing priorities (siding!). The tub is a standard length (boo) BUT I managed to find an extra deep model for only a tad bit more which definitely makes a difference! For the TP holder I wanted to take advantage of the wall, so I slapped some scrap wood together, painted it, and...voila!


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