Before + After = our new roof!

A big giant horrendous project is now behind us – and it wasn’t even one we DIY’d!

Our house now has a new roof. The metal one, while in good shape, was covering four old crappy layers of roofing on a house and had been put on with NO ventilation whatsoever! Plus, to be honest, a BLUE roof leaves pretty much no options beyond white for when we replace the siding (which is also in severe need of repair, along with replacing all the windows and fixing all the dry rot in the frames..oy!), and the three skylights were ones we honestly hated – they were poorly placed, they don’t make the specific crank handles to open them (so two of them needed to be opened via this screwdriver type tool – ugh), and the question is never IF skylights leak but WHEN they will leak…not something we wanted to deal with (and then the whole energy efficiency mess of it). Yes we lose a bit of light but fortunately both bedrooms still have other windows so it’s still a win in that area as well.

So yeah, in one week (not the “3 days max” as promised by the contractor, of course, are they ever overdelivering?), we got our wish and – gulp! – have a five-figure bill that my recruiting work is going to be paying off (amen for three recent contracts with two out of three now filled and the third in the offer phase!)…but now we are safe and sound just as the rains arrive, and couldn’t be happier!

Keep in mind our future plans: all of this siding will be replaced next year, the house will then go to our favorite blue with white trim, the butt-ugly faux mahogany door (in this photo, exacerbated by my phone’s camera filter which for some reason makes our lawn look a bit like an acid trip…), a useless, rickety upstairs deck that will come down with the siding next year, a deck we want to build out back, and – my biggest dream – the part of the house that sticks out in front? Well that used to be a covered front porch and is now an awkward “foyer” (with outdoor linoleum in it) and a bump-out in the dining room that serves no purpose…and y’all know how I love a good front porch…so someday we’ll find the funds to do that.

But in the meantime…here’s the roof before and after!


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