Before + After: Transforming an unused bedroom into an exercise/meditation space


So when we moved in, the above was what was listed as the 3rd of three bedrooms in our home. It's where we actually had our own bed for a year while we were building our master bedroom almost from scratch. These photos are from the real estate listing, but allow you to see the shape of the room due to it being in the attic, but a third the size of our master bedroom. Again, like every room, there were chiffon curtains left behind - which were swiftly removed on day one.

Side note - initially this was to be the kids' room. After all, that's why we bought the farmhouse, as we still thought we had a chance. It was fully decorated, and this summer, the big wall was decked out with "freestyle" painting by the girls, including a picture of the barn our 7 year old had drawn. After everything disintegrated, I donated the like-new furniture to a nonprofit who had a single mom who could use it, and I painted over the art as fast as I could to numb my broken heart. While I don't usually insert this into Before + After posts, it seemed important to share the evolution of this room.

As the pandemic turned my brand new community exercise/swim pass into nothing, I gave myself one gift - an exercise machine. By buying last year's model of the well-reviewed ProForm hybrid trainer (combining the two best machines for my back and knees: a recumbent bike AND an elliptical), I saved a ton AND also figured out after setup that one does NOT need the "iFit" membership to use the machine. Not even batteries! While batteries will operate the screen and provide access to the built-in elliptical and bike routines (unrelated to the iFit stuff they immediately attempt to upsell), everything technically works without it. I mention this because the company had a sadly skeezy way of acting like this was required to operate the machine when, in actuality, it was only for certain 'advanced' features. As I don't need anyone tracking when and how I work out, analog is just fine for moi.

Along with that, I moved our beloved yoga mats in, which is especially cool because we were trying to do our sun salutations in the living room which meant moving furniture aside and never having quite enough room for both of us to watch the yoga DVD and move comfortably. There is a shelf (not shown) on the other side of the room for art and a future candle, and the closet has little things like the two old bike tubes that we use in place of yoga straps (brilliant repurpose, no?!).

So that's it! We now have a lovely, minimalist space to sweat, stretch, breathe, focus on wellness. While I've got a Pinterest page started on how I could make it cozier, and ideas about buying a TV/monitor for the wall to incorporate my two yoga DVDs , honestly, there's nothing else I really NEED. For me, music in my ears, peaceful view of our pasture, and room to extend my arms and legs without touching the wall or ceiling? Good enough, I tell ya.

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” – William Shakespeare

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