Before + After: Updating the Laundry Room

It may not be the most exciting room of the house, but when I saw this laundry room (these pictures were taken during the inspection, I knew it needed some serious love. More of the seller’s penchant for ecru paint and tacky wallpaper trim (this time with a cowboy boot theme…), with some seriously old gnarly appliances, from the mismatched washer/dryer to an old electric water heater with a history of leaking we’d soon discover. Cool huh?

So I sold the old washer/dryer on Craigslist for $100, recycled the old water heater, and replaced them with wayyyy more energy efficient models (the W/D by Electrolux and the water heater now a dreamy ultra-efficient heat pump (hybrid) water heater by Rheem), got rid of the laundry sink (repurposed as an outdoor sink for cleaning paint brushes without anything going in the pipes/septic) to make room for an upright freezer (which is now packed to the gills with our chickens and pork we butchered last fall, our salmon share from Alaska, and the beginning of berries as we near the start of summer), scraped off the wallpaper, painted the walls white, tore out the floor, replaced the icky plywood sections then installed a simple stick-on tile (not our first choice but budget was tight), added a cool ceiling light, and in tandem with removing an upstairs windowed exterior door to the now-removed second story deck, were able to replace the back door with it so we could see who might be knocking out there (living out here means our neighbor often comes from the back to say hello). 🙂  Here’s a slideshow of the evolution…

And being a laundry room, so many things get stored in here as well, so I took advantage of wall space in a number of ways, from building a high shelf for cleaning supplies, to building clothespin hooks for garden gloves on repurposed wood, to a retractable drying rack above the W/D, to hooks for the broom/mop/etc. to stay out of the way, and my lifesaver, the whiteboard, for us to recollect all the stuff that needs to get done both inside and out. Little fun things, mostly DIY, that make a huge difference for almost zero $$. And, of course, a crazy collection of refrigerator magnets 🙂


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