Birthday Getaway: Central Oregon Coast

What a fun fun FUN time we had for my husband’s 48th birthday! He wanted to go to the Oregon Coast this year (last year I surprised him with a trip to wine country), and to explore another new area of the coast he’d not been yet since landing here in America. After my birthday trip to Agate Beach and Neskowin, it was decided we’d grab the pup and rent a car and drive further south to Yachats, with one night at a li’l beachfront motel and another at a more high-end locale as we drove back up the coast.

What a WONDERFUL time we had!!!! The weather forecast was for rain but with exception of a 5 minute shower, it was blue skies and low 60’s – perfect for lazy strolls, getting rambunctious with our beach lovin’, wave fearin’ mastiff, and lots n lots of romance ;-).

Yachats – my new favorite place on the Oregon coast!


Madly in love with my husband and so happy to see him loving this getaway!

Dan & Ruby in Yachats. Our life is beautiful.

Morning in the teeny weeny town of Yachats with the fog drifting over. Great food all around, from Luna Sea’s halibut fish ‘n’ chips to the insane dungeness crab & manchego omelette at The Drift Inn. I want to go back. Now!

Hiked through Cape Perpetua early one morning – gorgeous and quiet! Because it was low tide we missed the excitement of Thor’s Well, but it’s on our list for a wintertime visit!

So nice to return to Gleneden Beach! After doing the beach cleanup here a few years ago, glad to see it’s still as gorgeous as ever!

Gettin’ a selfie with my Ruby girl 🙂

We had some time before check-in at our hotel in Gleneden Beach so we hopped over to Newport and stared at the fish at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Our silly awesome happy family!

We woke up early on Dan’s birthday and headed up to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, a place I loved going in my teens and 20’s with friends to climb up the dunes and enjoy the view. (I had to crop this photo on the right however as they let people actually park on this beach and it’s SO gross – litter, pollution and gas fumes from the cars, and general disrespect towards nature, ugh!)

It’s a short but killer climb for the legs but worth it at the top and Ruby was a real trooper!

Terribly saddened at the sight of this little boy next to his bike whose family (including several other small kids), disregarded the “don’t cross these ropes” and kept walking while he sat there, obviously afraid of going further. Terrible example for your kids to disregard posted signs meant to keep people safe AND protect habitat.

Further climbing showed this awesome view!


Hiking is awesome, y’all!

Meanwhile, down at the tidepools…

Happy Birthday!!!


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