Birthday 39

Every birthday is unique.  This year, “39A”, as my neighbor titled it, was nice.  Quiet and mellow and ending beautifully.  A few memories of the day…and the loot…in no particular order.  Also a big thank you to all those who blogged & tweeted & texted me messages, and my sweetheart who sang me happy birthday as well 🙂

the ridiculously amazing fried cauliflower with lemon creme fraiche – one of our starters at my birthday dinner at Firehouse (photo credit)

loved this reflection from my afternoon quiet time at Pix Patisserie

noticed this welcome in front of the Emerson Street Garden during my morning walk

coming home to find this waiting for me on my front porch was lovely!! by the way it was an organic bouquet created by the folks at botanica – my favorite florist!

always cracked up by the goats lounging on the rooftop of their li’l shed on Sumner – they so chill!

one of my rare moments of gussied-up-ness (well, i put on lipstick)

got suckered at Whole Foods by the cuteness of this yoga mat bag – with the rain and feeling lazy about making a repurposed one, this’ll do.

My birthday present for myself! From Garden Fever, this is going to go up on my fence! Made from recycled oil drums, Haitian artists create these works of art with only a hammer & chisel. She made me happy to look at her. 🙂

My friend made this gorgeous box for me!

I *love* this book my friend gave me, Edible DIY. As I always prefer to give handmade or homemade whenever possible, this is PERFECT!

While this may seem dull to some, I am a HUGE fan of thoughtful birthday cards, and my friends definitely came through on this (I’m such a sap!). Pretty pretty.

I love this piece of art that welcomes you at the top of the stairs at Written on the Body, where I enjoyed a luxurious 90 minute massage. Julie is incredible, and weaves in a combination of Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, sports, and Thai techniques. Happiness.

oh – and more flowers. give me nothing but flowers my whole life through and i will be a happy woman 🙂


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