By Bicycle – Version 3.0

After a January that left me the victim of not one but BOTH of my bikes being ripped off via a garage break-in (that interestingly enough did not result in the loss of my then-roommate’s bikes…) the week before my birthday, last month I finally got my new baby, or as we can technically call it, version 3.0.


My new Scott Sub 20 is all ‘murdered out’, kids, picked up at REI, a place I’ve never shopped even once (big sporting goods stores freak me out), becaused they carried Scott, a brand I’ve loved since college, and because I could test ride it on downtown streets. It’s super lightweight, has hydraulic disc brakes, plus I got this awesome grocery bag with hooks on clearance. just starting to sticker her up, as is my thang, but, yeeeeah boyyy! It feels great to be back on two wheels, bay-beeee!!

fortunately this sticker wasn't on the old bike, my very favorite one from a friend!

Fortunately this sticker from Maurie wasn’t on the old bike, my very favorite! Got this sweet new seat from the good folks over at Cascade Cycling in NoPo, as the stock one felt like a brick under my arse.

this cupholder is an upgrade from my old bike's one, believe it or not - but seriously, it's adjustable and has a base, perfect for various types of coffee mugs AND....a lovely little Italian parsley start that I didn't want to jam into my grocery bag on the ride home :)

My rad cup holder is an upgrade from my old one – seriously, there are choices in bicycle cup holders! It’s adjustable and has a base, perfect for various types of coffee mugs AND….a lovely little Italian parsley start from New Seasons Market that I didn’t want to jam into my grocery bag on the ride home 🙂

It’s an interesting thing when your now-former roommate’s fancy bikes in the front of the garage don’t get stolen and yours, old, heavy and hanging in the back of the garage, covered with stickers, get ripped off on a cold day in January.  The creeps even took my gloves and bike bag. And my power tools.

But it was the fact that it was MY mountain bike, that beloved creature that got me back on a bike after 10 years away, that got me up the Broadway Bridge coming home for my first two years of bike commuting in and out of downtown, and that got me home in the snow as well as exploring the city.  It was the one my friends could use (and a couple housemates as well) when visiting me.  And I’d covered it with a million cool music stickers – to show even more that it was MINE.

And it was the fact that it was MY hybrid bike, that next step up so I could go a bit faster, get up hills a bit easier, see views like this a little more often.  It had a pretty bike basket where sweet surprises were found and groceries were hauled.  It was the bike that got me starting my then-company’s Bike Commute Challenge team and documenting all our other green practices, like in-office bike parking.  And for this baby, I covered it with a million cool eco stickers – to show again that this was MY bike, no one else’s.

So yes, I do have my darling version 3.0, but I’ve never forgotten versions 1.0 and 2.0 – and to the bastards out there who are riding MY bikes (not to mention the piece(s) of shit who stole these, if you’re two separate parties, not only taking away my transport but also scaring me out of sleep for a solid month from the feelings of violation alone), I hope you get run over by a truck. 🙂

But of course I’ll leave this on a positive note, because screw those jerks.  I love being on bicycle and two feet – they’re two awesome perspectives not enough folks enjoy enough.  Contemplate this – if it’s under a mile, leave your keys at home.  And see where your feet take you (walking or pedaling).  Adding regular bicycling to my life changed it – physically, mentally, spiritually, financially.  So when I saw this super groovy graphic this morning on why it’s so rad to go by bike y’all, I had to share, and say…cheers to 2 wheels!



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