can you guess who said this?

years ago i read an interview with a famous woman and transcribed excerpts that were really hitting home.  this was probably twenty years ago and the words still ring true.  who do you think it is? (one guess)

“Her life is all about getting better, every day in every way.  She reminds me of a female Gatsby:  she decided who she wanted to be and proceeded to make herself into that person, applying all of her intelligence, a formidable will, and everything she could pick up along the way to achieve her goal.  Her determination to move forward is so relentless it’s almost scary  Whatever the task at hand, she says, “I want to get it, I want to process it, and I want to move on.”

She snaps her fingers crisply.  “I don’t want to be in a problem; I want to be in a solution.  I don’t want to wallow…where did I stash the grief?  It’s processed little by little.  It’s not like it’s ever all gone. But as a young girl I realized I could either be trapped by what’s going on around me, or I could find a way out.  Anybody who uses the fact that they’ve had a hard life as an excuse for not living today – I don’t buy that.  We’ve all had a hard life.  It’s my responsibility now, as an adult, to make my life what I want to make it.”

(Demi Moore)


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