changing ways

‎”You will always be attracted to something that is going to create change within you.”

 ~ Chris Griscom

i am always changing, i am ever evolving.  i am part of the sun that kisses my shoulders and i am looking for the rain that has not yet fallen.  

i have the most beautiful assortment of friends living the most amazing lives -whether they know it or not.  i don’t see every side of them, and they don’t see every side of me. some read my words and think of seriousness and emotion and such, or the other one and see a girl in a garden obsessed with snapping shots of food and community and plantlife by mobile phone, or the other one who can’t seem to stop writing whatever is in her mind. some people have never read these words and know me as the woman who helped them with their career, or the girl down the street who takes pictures of sunflowers, or someone they went to summer camp with many moons ago.   

i am circulating.  i am renewing.  i am healing.  aren’t we all?

for everyone who learns, who embraces, who lives for hope, my arms are outstretched. one step forward, two steps back, we still are in motion.  i look up at the stars and i know, we all see the blue.  someday we’ll meet on a sandy beach near a warm sea, someday there will be peace.

and it’s something quite peculiar something shimmering and white it leads you here, despite your destination under the milky way tonight


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