chocolate covered

after a number of months on hiatus, i took a break today to make truffles for a longtime friend who is getting married next weekend.  alongside her fancy cake there will be my ginger-spice truffles and my pink salt truffles.  for me, the chocolatier alter ego has been an interesting journey.  last year i was fully entrenched, learning and selling and creating and, yes, even making a little extra cash.  i sold on the streets, i sold in little halls, i sold in convention centers, i sold in shops, i sold online.  and i wondered, is this going to take me somewhere, is this on the side, or is this a fleeting moment in my creative life?

working with chocolate is now something i can do quickly, without a ton of thought.  it’s zen for me in some ways, the repetitive nature of it all.  stir, spread, roll, dip, sprinkle. but more than that, i like watching people take a bite for the first time.  from the ones where i stuff a fresh whole blueberry in the middle, for the juicy first bite, to the ones i give a healthy dose of cayenne for that tearjerking kick, to the unusual tastes that makes them go hmm, then mmmmm, like the lavender balsamic or lemon or whiskey nutmeg or raspberry serrano.

tonight i stirred the dark chocolate and remembered him mentioning my showing him someday how to work with the chocolate, watching it melt ever so slowly, touching it to the tip of my lip, dipping the ganache, rolling it in my hands. and i think of this wedding i’m going to – driving two hours, watching, knowing no one besides the bride, serving chocolates, snapping a few photos, and driving home.  i could use a dance partner on a day like this, someone to sit beside me on the drive, someone to squeeze my hand as i sit there with big teary eyes watching her declare her commitment to the man she loves.  i’ve known her since she was ten years old, she’s known me since i was just fifteen, two girls riding horses and dancing around the cabin laughing.  who knew years later where we would both be at this juncture.

and so i dip the chocolate, i top it with candied ginger, and i feel the cool summer breeze wafting through my kitchen at this late hour, and i wonder. and i relax.


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