Coastal Gardening: January!

January? Gardening? I know.

Honestly, we've not done a ton until today, the last day of the month, where we planted more viburnum and ceanothus in the garden along with a witch hazel (my birthday treat to self) and a compact strawberry bush (the husband's pick). When the rain subsides a bit we'll plant the magnolia tree (also a birthday gift to me during our trip into da big smoke), as well as 6 more incense cedars (as pictured above, which I snapped one morning last week). We have 8 or 9 already growing like crazy that are lining the street side of the pasture, and figured there was no time like the present to finish off the area, particularly since three non-incense cedars (western reds, to be specific) kicked the bucket that we'd tried to incorporate last year.

Beyond that and our fanatic free-for-all shopping spree in the seed area during our appointment at Garden Fever on my b'day? Not much. But that's okay, because pretty soon my head will be spinning, like it does every spring.

What are you dreaming about in January for your 2021 garden?


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