Coastal Gardening: November!

While not quite in the garden, we've taken on three turkeys belonging to our next door neighbor who just sold their house in a mind-blowingly fast 36 hours and needed a warmer place to let them 'finish' before Thanksgiving. Fortunately one will be going to us! They raised them from chicks and it's been interesting to watch them as they make chickens seem like geniuses....but boy aren't they a trip to look at? These are all slate/heirloom cross turkeys she said, and they are very timid, tiptoeing around the stall in our barn as they get used to their new digs. After our neighbor gave their chickens away (they are moving into a retirement community in the city, so are saying goodbye to farm life), the turkeys were wandering around their run lost, not realizing they could still go into the coop to stay out of the elements. So we moved them in here with food and straw and an old sawhorse to use as a roost for these last couple weeks. We're not roast turkey folks as far as Thanksgiving goes, but we do like to make turkey sausage and this year, I'm contemplating making a monster batch of turkey jerky for the first time or brining/smoking it for sandwich making!

Doing our best to take advantage of non-freezing temps and harvesting a bit of spinach, and don't get me started at how cilantro planted in late September went insane! Update: one week later, two of our chooks found their way under the netting covering the one raised bed these were in (even though we have 8 other beds, they must have known, grr...) and trashed everything. Ugh...

Very little is happening in the garden as we near the end of autumn, but there is a bit of yarrow in front still putting on a show. Love growing this in yellow, pink and red - and it is SO easy to divide!

November is all about...planning for 2021!! Doesn't look like a particularly interesting garden photo, I know, but on the right side where you see the mulch? That was where my marionberries, boysenberries and thornless blackberries were, now potted up in preparation for planting in raised beds, and replaced with a whole bunch of irises that I'd discovered overrun by weeds. When we removed the windows and re-sided the garage this summer, it created this amazing south-facing blank there is a TON of possibility to think about what to do with this space between the garage and driveway. With that, I've got plastic killing off the weed patch on the other half and a whole lot to think about on how to bring loads of color and height to this area that gets so much sun (but also has to deal with wind). Sunflowers will probably make it in there, even if they have to be staked...everything else is up for discussion!

Finally, with the cold comes bringing in plants from our uninsulated "hot" house, including the dwarf lime and meyer lemon pots, my husband's orchids, the aloe and palm, to sit in front of our south / east facing windows in the living room. The lemon and lime will come back to life in the coming months and add a gorgeous smell with their blossoms, and the orchids are about due for their annual flowering. As a side note, I don't have any formal plant stands, so the old homemade stand my first rain barrel used to sit on back in the city will do for now, using a couple of scrap wood bits on top. Not sexy, but functional :)


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