Coastal Gardening: October

Probably the most beautiful month we've had this year! The majority of the garden is in late stages of harvest, preparing for winter as we set the chickens loose on the majority of the beds. That being said, they are still things growing and still a few things being planted!

This is one of the beds we are protecting as this year I have successfully been able to succession plant greens. In the spring it was butterhead lettuce and spinach, in the summer it was kale and chard, and now in the fall we are growing more butterhead lettuce, spinach, and now collard greens.

We had a much greater tomato harvest than anticipated! While we had a few windstorms that blew over some of the bushes on stakes, for the most part they ended up coming back with a vengeance! This year I had hedged my bets but not growing primarily paste tomatoes, and because of that ended up with a much more colorful assortment, from the yellow taxis to the orange Jaune Flammes to the purple bumblebees, alongside the rich red Paisano and Amish Paste.

Our Bell and Chili peppers are thriving this year...after failing miserably last year! Very excited and we'll be doubling down on the Lipstick sweet peppers in particular in '21. So I added a row cover to extend the growing season a bit more...and will be making hot sauce this weekend!

As for the raised beds that are done for the year? We emptied our compost tumbler into trenches dug deep into them, and the chooks are going crazy digging everything in for us! (Note: As for our rooster, he lasted about 6 weeks with us before getting brined and turned into balsamic glazed goodness, haha. Mean bugger that was unable to get along with our ducks and attacked me regularly, not to mention started his day calling back and forth to his brother next door around 3:30am. Peace is now back as the Ladies Only policy has been reinstated at Beloved Farms!

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