Curing Meat at Home: Genoa Salami!


In late January, I wrote about how we created our first ever meat curing chamber and showed you the beginnings of the first Genoa Salami we were working on from the sustainably grown, humanely raised piggy my husband butchered in the fall. And I gotta say, it worked like a charm!

During the last week of curing my husband was weighing it almost daily (it needs to lose a percentage of its weight to know its done) waiting for the last few grams to dissipate so we could cut it open. Six weeks almost to the day, we now have a beautiful, tasty Genoa salami…

As you can see, it looks pretty beautiful with the bits of fat and the random peppercorn that went into the grind. Those who do home curing will understand how this is one of the few occasions in life where mold is celebrated (picture my husband running in the room and exclaiming, ‘come look honey, the white mold is covering it!’). Unlike traditional sausages that are stuffed, you don’t eat salami casing – it is merely the protector for the loveliness inside.

And I gotta say? It is SOOOOOO delicious!

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