Dé Luain

the view from my doorstep this evening caught my breath…i felt an orange glow coming through the window and was up on my feet, barefoot in the street, interrupting traffic to shoot the brief moments of cloud and sun and city neighborhood rooftop silhouettes.  do you ever have those moments where you just can’t help yourself?  you MUST write, you MUST photograph, you MUST create, you MUST dance, you MUST express, you MUST love…?  and then you finally just allow yourself to do all of those things?  

this is what i call bliss.

real passion. not the ‘passion’ from television where it burns bright for a fleeting moment and is filled with turbulence, but instead, something that just stops you in your tracks and reminds you why you are on this earth.  something that makes you listen and learn. something that after you’ve felt it, gives you hope and makes you quiet.  passion in it’s truest form lets you be who you are, unconditionally. 

yesterday before the evening ended i went out on my bike and allowed the heat to just sink into my skin.  i curved through tree lined streets and ended up with my journal at a cafe.  my bound journal is more personal, a bit intense, a bit silly, a bit of everything (like me) with a twist (like me).  when i go away to write, i just pick up a pen and don’t stop.  no editing, no thinking, just emptying my immediate thoughts onto paper.  if you’ve ever just let the words spill from you, it’s a freeing, almost intoxicating process.  there is this adrenaline rush in just writing whatever words are in my head…by the time i’m done i feel like gasping for air – it’s as if i’ve been holding my breath until the pen is in my hand.

below is an excerpt from a song that’s been wandering around the crevices of my mind today…not all of the lyrics apply in any song but these few verses have always touched me…

Nothing in this world Can touch the music that I heard When I woke up this morning It put the Sun into my life It cut my heartbeat with a knife It was like no other morning

I don’t belong to no one But I want to be with you I can’t be owned by no one What am I supposed to do

Don’t look into the sun It’s not for me or anyone To steal the light out of the sky Is it really such a sin ‘Cause if it is then I’ll give in I can’t live without your love


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