DIY Dining Table!

Big thanks to our friend the king of salvaging from local houses being torn down…He donated this wood to my latest DIY project…a big new glorious farmhouse dining table! Beyond the $30 I spent for my favorite low-VOC water-based stain, this table was 100% free and is made from salvaged old growth tongue & groove wood (very popular here on the Coast) and some rescued 2×4’s and 2×6’s, sealed with some low-VOC stuff I already had in the garage from past projects.

As you can see, the base is pretty darn basic. After doing the below, I added a cross bar on the top as well as a lengthwise one on the bottom for stability, inspired by the Ana White Beginner Farm Table

(a rare selfie as I shivered about building this in the garage…)

I didn’t like how they used ordinary screws on the tabletop, however, so I drilled them in from underneath instead. And I gotta say, the hardest part of the project was calculating the length of everything I needed, because unlike the plan, I did not need (nor could not fit in our space) a nearly 8′ dining table, plus I was working with donated T&G instead of standard 2×6’s like her plan required. The math on this screwed me up multiple times (how is it that I was on the Math Team back in middle school? I have no idea.) so ultimately I just measured as I went along and made sure it’d fit through the doorway, haha. The table is around 6′ long which works well in our dining room…

Can’t believe I finally finished this – I’d been so nervous about screwing it up it’d just sat on my to-do list for ages! Now instead of our cramped round table we had in there before (which has been relocated to a better spot in the pantry…meaning I can now call it a ‘breakfast nook’), we can have folks over for dinner and even put dishes on the table!  I’m stoked.

Oh yeah, and these things cost over a thousand bucks online and have a huge carbon footprint to boot. This is as local as it gets! We can’t wait to enjoy our first meal on it!!

Readers: what do you want to DIY that you’re nervous about trying for the first time?


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