dolce far niente – the pleasure of doing nothing

last night there were no dreams.  the slumber of red wine and a full belly after a day of taking care of myself.  there are few things i need that cost money. lying here with the white sheets outlining the shape of my being and the filtered sunlight as i look out into the garden, thinking of the soft reminders of what is and always has been my ease – simplicity, pleasure, and the idea that there is not much i really need to get by.

what do i want?  i want a little house.  i want a garden.  i want flowers.  i want space to create, cook, write, be lazy.  i want friends, i want love, i want connections, i want ideas.  i want to look over at you and know that i’ve got no need to look further.  i want to be safe yet be free to take chances.  i want to wrap my heart in wildflowers and present it to you.  i want to explore far off places and i want to enjoy this sanctuary we created.  i want to stop dreaming and let my eyes focus.

some things i have, some things are on their way, some must be sought out.

and what else?  what do YOU want?  for gods sake, tell me what YOU want.  .


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