Easy DIY: Wall-Mounted Dog Feeder

Some folks check their social media before they go to bed. Me? It’s Pinterest. And for eons, I’d had a bunch of wall-mount dog feeder ideas pinned to hopefully inspire me to eventually DIY one for our pup. While we had one of those raised feeder/stand thingies for our ol’ gal who will be 14 in July, with her voracious appetite and sloppy table manners, it would always get pushed around with water puddles everywhere (yep, even with a placemat underneath). So I knew we needed something that could be drilled right to the wall!

We recycled the metal stand her two bowls came in, and I brought the bowls out to the barn to figure out what piece of scrap wood I could use. Turns out, a leftover piece of poplar shelving that I used when building our open shelving in the kitchen? Perfecto.

So the first thing I did was turn the dishes upside down on the wood and traced the outline of each bowl to know where they’d sit and to know where to cut. Fortunately I quickly realized that if I cut on the outline the bowls would just fall right through, so I measured the lip of the bowl and made a smaller circle inside the original one (whew!).

Now, cutting circles is clearly not my forte, but because of the lip of the bowl it wasn’t a huge deal since the edges would be covered up 🙂 I grabbed a really fat bit for the drill, drilled a starter hole, then grabbed the jigsaw to cut out the circles. Man, do I suck with the jigsaw, but like I said, the artistry did not matter. After the circles were cut out, I put an extra coat of water-based stain on it (we’re a low-VOC family, after all), then applied a little sealer, and voila!

To mount it on the wall, I simply found an old square scrap of 2×4, cut it in half diagonally on our miter saw (my new BFF), then stained and screwed it to the bottom of the shelf to act as a bracket. Then I turned it over to my skinny husband with the good back to lay on the floor and screw it into the wall at dog-level. Bada-bing!


NOTE: when doing this project, make sure you install it somewhere away from where you might hit the corner with your shin as you walk by! I laid the shelf out the day before on a box in this particular laundry room location, just to make sure it was placed in the most appropriate spot.


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