Goodbye, old friend.


When I heard about the mudslides in Santa Barbara, where I lived from 2002-2005, the first thing I did was email my old friend Angela down there. We had worked together closely for two of those three years and affectionately referred to each other as “Sugar Buns” named after the dessert at the Chinese buffet we went to at least once a week. I hadn’t gotten emails back from her since I married Dan in 2014, but as that happens when you move away sometimes and people get caught up in their own lives, I thought it’d be worth a try to reconnect and see how she was dealing with the onslaught down there. With no word, I thought I’d google her to see if she was still in SB, and instead I found her obituary. She was like a big sister or auntie to me, and was a true friend in every sense of the word. Along with being the most badass supporter of me through my divorce, she had the naughtiest sense of humor and often made me laugh til I thought I’d pee myself. To find out about her death 3 years after the fact was even more devastating. Angela, you were loved, and will never be forgotten.


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