EcoGrrl Fever – A Field Trip

as part of my Master Recyclers class, we had a field trip today (yes, it’s saturday), starting out at the blue heron paper company in the town i grew up in along the willamette river, moving on to kaybee recycling facility where incoming recycling is sorted out, and ending up at recology’s material recovery station where 38% is recovered from the trash (pretty amazing) before it leaves for the landfill in eastern oregon. these pictures below are from blue heron and kaybee, and while it’s hard to truly realize the impact of how much we dispose of until you see this in person. it was emotional to see this much garbage and realize that it is such a miniscule sliver – and that this is in oregon, where we are better than most states in what we do environmentally. it catches the breath and makes me think even more than i already do, there is SO much more i can minimize to prevent the creation of waste in the first place….



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