Eliminate “Thoughts & Prayers” Thinking – and step up!


My husband’s home country of Australia is suffering from devastation most of us cannot imagine. HALF A BILLION animals are dead, lying on roadways, with some species facing extinction because of these fires. And, similar to the US, Australians have a racist, xenophobic, selfish, horrific “leader” who has blown them all off. He has ignored the rampant effects of climate change on the country and taken them many steps backward (sound familiar?) after so many significant changes has been implemented to protect this beautiful land and its inhabitants of all types.

Please help (and Americans, remember that the Australian dollar is not equal to ours, so if you give $200 ASD on one of their websites, for example, it’s about $150 in US dollars). It all adds up.

* Australian Red Cross

* WIRES Australian Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service

And to get the reality of how Australians feel about their “leader”, listen to The Chats. They’re awesome.


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