Escaping Winter (Part II: Zihuatanejo)

We arrived at the villa which was 20 minutes outside of town and found our room to be gorgeous. The view was lovely, the infinity pool was awesome, and the indoor/outdoor shower was great. Sadly, the toilet was also indoor/outdoor which meant bugs crawling on the wall next to the TP and mega-humidity all day and all night (the villa was air-conditioned otherwise) so going to the toilet at any time meant sweltering heat/humidity. The room was lovely and A/C was a nice change from my stay in Zihua in ’08, but the bed was horrifically uncomfortable (i.e., wake up sore). The privacy was nice as we were at the end with no one next to or atop us so we could skinny dip in our private pool and stay out of the public one. These are basically apartments on the beach with concierge amenities to make it seem like a hotel, so there was a small kitchen…however no grocery store anywhere near and you had to pay about $35 each way (not all of Mexico is much cheaper than the US unfortunately) to go into town and buy stuff, and of course by the time I got sick a few days later when we had a trip to town planned, it was too late.

Morning walks on the beach were nice and Dan loved getting to bodysurf in the ocean every morning we were there, not to mention finding coconuts nearby, and the sunsets were of course gorgeous. Mosquitos are pretty bad during that time and my skin reacts terribly to DEET so we minimized those evening walks and enjoyed these views from our room or the restaurant on the beach.

We got very little time in Mexican culture unfortunately. Our trip into town was cut short with my sickness but Dan did snap these street art shots. The food at the resort (even though it was probably the culprit) was for the most part very, very good. This is the grilled octopus I had for my birthday lunch (last meal…oy!) which was phenomenal. I so very much wish things would have turned out differently.


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