there was just me it was always me that’s what you said that’s the way my body trembled under yours wherever my skin was, it was reminiscent of the cool stare you had when you smoked that cigarette you’re warmer than you’d like me to know you are my bottom always pushed up against you while we slept and your hand always traced the outline of that scar of mine. but i stared out into the distance because i knew you weren’t there. all i wanted was a little fight, a little sneer to the rest of the world and it’s preconceived notions fuck them, fuck them all and i’ll have you and you’ll have me and it won’t matter where we’ve been. all that matters is that you see my silhouette on the horizon and when you look down at your feet, when you shuffle them nervously, hands in pockets you are smiling you know one thing you know there’s nowhere else you’d rather be and that i feel the same i put on an old record i look at you and i smile something about your warmth, it escapes through corners of your eyes no matter how hard you try to look no matter how serious your gaze no matter how tight your lips when i think of you, i want to keep all that is us in a safe place i want to protect you from the icy wind let you look as cool as you’d like but know when it’s just us you’re no longer afraid. when it’s just us i can be safe from all angles. tomorrow i want to float, be that leaf fluttering in the autumn breeze, yet always landing at your boots you look down, pick it up softly, tuck it away in your pocket see how fragile that leaf is yet how strong it is at it’s core every season i seem to evolve and every year i am struck by the lessons but i know i know what lights my eyes, what makes me smile that little smile who can make the hairs stand up on my  arms by a simple brush of the lips. who can make me sing to myself just knowing you’re coming home to me to sing to me in a twang to play with me in the kitchen to grab me in a hug and spin me round to tell me dirty jokes when i’m being a pain in the arse to slip under the sheet on a hot night and wake me up in such a way and let me make you happy open you further than you expected kiss the tip of your nose and make you laugh listen to everything, everything squeeze your hand and give you sanctuary.

it’s just an idea not like i’ve got a clue but who knows maybe i’ll be seen maybe you’ll like my scars.


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