Farmer’s Market Happies…

Guess who won?

I don’t know if I’ll have glory beyond the Facebook announcement on their page and sharing my gift certificate with a dear friend, so I thought I’d share my ‘winning entry’ with you:

“Portland Farmer’s Market – EverGreen since 1992”

Guess they thought that was pretty cool 🙂 So with that happy bit of news on this day that had been spent biking around the area posting flyers for my show, drinking coffee and swaying with my favorite 4 month old baby girl, on a rare sunny afternoon, I wanted to pay tribute to the PFM – since I can’t go enjoy them for 8 more weeks (fortunately there is another FM operating independently that is open every other Sunday…but it doesn’t compare to The Big One). So, here are some my favorite tidbits from their website.

Powell’s Books at the Market – the greatest bookstore on the face of the earth (I’m not kidding, if you have never been here, click on the link next to see their page and order from them – stay green and order the used version, by the way!), Powell‘s, is here in my hometown. They bring in books of different food & gardening & sustainability topics and donate 10% of the proceeds to the PFM.

FoodShed – an interactive map showing us where the PFM vendors are growing and creating the goodies we enjoy. How cool is that!!

Sustainable Agriculture from A to Z – ‘Each letter of our Sustainable Agriculture Alphabet highlights an important concept in sustainable food production and distribution. Under the arcades of the Ferry Building in San Francisco, this alphabet is part of CUESA‘s Sustainable Agriculture A to Z exhibit.’


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