Feeling the inside

If the only place where I could see you was in my dreams, I’d sleep forever.  (anonymous)

when you are in darkness do not wither away from the light tell me what you can hear can you hear the rain outside my window

life is not random or coincidental or impossible

this morning i woke up in a start the room was black and all i could hear was the storm outside and i turned quickly and my hand hit my eye

i wear this ring, you see just a mess of twisted copper wires i got it the day i landed back at home and it reminds me of everywhere i’ve been since then

it struck my open eye and i cried out and i reached out and all i could think of was your heart

so i opened this book and read your words and my throat caught as i breathed because i could feel you in my veins and i couldn’t explain it

so i thought, this, THIS is what that friend so many years ago tried explaining to me. we are looking at the same stars.

do you know what faith is?

Faith certainly tells us what the senses do not, but not the contrary of what they see; it is above, not against them. ~ Blaise Pascal


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