Flour, Salt, Eggs: The Case for Homemade Pasta


One of the best things in the world is homemade pasta in my humble opinion. While I’ve made it by hand in the past, it’s extremely time consuming so earlier this year we finally invested the eighty bucks or so on a hand-crank Atlas pasta machine and have never looked back. I make the dough, husband turns it into sheets or noodles.


One lesson? If you hang the noodles on hangers like this, always have something to catch them below in case you fall asleep, they dry all the way and crack in half then fall onto the floor hahahaha…

If we’re smart, we double the recipe and dry most of it, but usually it’s me in a hurry grabbing some flour or semolina, salt and a few eggs, mixing it together with my hands and letting it sit for a half hour before he works his magic running it through the machine a few times before tossing it in salty water for a few minutes. Semolina and flour are both easily found in the bulk bins of most good grocers, so we stock up on that!

Here’s how we do homemade pasta…

SEMOLINA – 3 duck eggs or 4 chicken eggs, 2 cups semolina, dash of salt. Mix and form into a ball. Let rest 20 minutes then cut into pasta.

FLOUR – 2 eggs + 1 3/4 cups all-purpose or 00 flour, dash of salt. Knead 10 minutes and form into a ball and let rest 15 minutes before cutting into pasta.

My favorite meal in the world is carbonara, especially right after we’ve cured some guanciale which is it’s key ingredient along with fresh eggs and some good parmigiano-reggiano, but last night I took advantage of a big bag of mushrooms the husband brought home from the co-op and that along with some chicken, onions, garlic and peas? Happiness in a skillet.


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