fresh strawberries and new flavors for special order…

Back in the kitchen making fresh strawberry truffles, and wanted to mention that we have two new truffle flavors available for special order…

* S’mores – comfort food at its finest. Debuted last night at my annual Summer Solstice gathering, it won rave reviews, even ‘favorite flavor’ by one. Bittersweet chocolate ganache wrapped around marshmallow, then dipped in bittersweet and rolled in graham cracker crumbs. So yum.

* L’Orange – grand marnier ganache dipped in bittersweet chocolate and dusted with orange zest. When I was younger I was never a fan of the orange + chocolate combination, but something happened this year and I am, well, intrigued. This new truffle is, well, intriguing. Luscious. Makes you say ‘ooh, that’s good’…

European Bittersweet… My truffles have been tasted internationally – all around the continental U.S., then Hawaii, and now Germany…so they have survived the flights everywhere! So if you live outside of the USA and want to try a li’l Bittersweet, drop me a line and we’ll get you some (note: shipping prices, as you can imagine, will be affected).

Where to find me… Along with buying from me via this website (top right hand corner, Paypal secured transactions), my truffles are sold regularly at Elevated Coffee on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Vanport Square. Due to chocolate’s relationship with sunlight, I have held off on summertime Last Thursday appearances. HOWEVER…This August, I will be featured at Hip Happening at the Sellwood Masonic Temple, selling a wide variety of my truffles for immediate consumption! (More info to come…)


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