oh by the way – i am not a soccer fan.  futbol.  whatever.  give me baseball any day of the damn week.  if i want action sports, i’ll take basketball.  but honestly, i loves my baseball.  i could NOT get into this – even though we actually scored 4 goals and they scored 2, it just made me tired.  but hey, free bbq & beer beforehand and lots of cute boys everywhere?  i dealt.  but return?  probably not.  even if it’s free.  especially as this sport displaced our minor league baseball team because the jackass owner threw his weight around to get MLS here.  and baseball is in my soul.

From – 10 reasons why baseball is better than soccer:

  1. Fake injuries.

  2. 0-0 ties. Nuf said.

  3. Baseball has room for everybody. A fat, slow guy can pitch or play first. In soccer, there’s only one position for slow runners.

  4. Substitution. What’s the point of carrying 22 players if you can only use three in a game? Baseball makes relief pitchers and pinch-hitters part of the drama.

  5. The clock in soccer is silly. The tactics used to delay the game, like fake injuries, substitutions and long kicks into the stands, turn the game into an 80-minute contest.

  6. Baseball is a game of small battles with definite outcomes. There’s pitcher vs. hitter, runner vs. base-stealer, hitter vs. defense. Every play has a winner, and adds to or takes away from the possibility of getting a run. Soccer is thousands of indefinable actions whose implications aren’t clear. Score!

  7. In soccer, you can hide by passing or avoid the ball. In baseball, if you go 0-for-4, everybody will know.

  8. Baseball is a sunny day in the bleachers with your kids. Soccer is a rainy night, standing up, with other people’s kids.

  9. Penalties are too important in soccer. A ref’s mistake can pick the winner. Baseball umpires make hundreds of calls per game. Their mistakes even out. They rarely decide who wins. No foul or offside rule on game-winning homeruns.

  10. It ain’t over till it’s over. In baseball, teams can win after trailing at the penultimate point. In soccer, teams never win when trailing by three scores in the 88th minute.


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