Homemade condiments. It’s cheaper, it’s healthier, it’s tastier. These are the ingredients for my herb mustard – fresh herbs from the garden (making even simpler version of my Herbes de Provence recipe shared back in January, this time I chose sage, savory and marjoram) along with ACV, salt, brown sugar, and mustard seeds (the latter three we always buy way cheaper in the bulk aisle, while the vinegar unfortunately had to come from the store as we finally ran out of our gallons of homemade ACV a couple weeks ago that we’d made from last year’s apple harvest peels), letting it soak a couple days then tossing it all into the food processor for a couple minutes to grind and thicken it before letting it sit in the fridge a couple weeks. (So don’t wait til your mustard is all out before starting another batch!) It’s so worth it…and will be perfect on the homemade sausages we’ll be grilling up this weekend!


My two great loves 🙂

…for July flowers in the garden despite March temperatures! (Clockwise swirling inwards from top left: bee balm, hyssop & curry, red poppy finished up, pink poppy just getting started, rose campion, sea holly, echinacea, candycane salvia, valerian, penstemon)


…for gorgeous home-cured, locally- and humanely-raised guanciale (pork cheek ‘bacon’) that makes spaghetti carbonara truly amazing…

…and finally, for the space to grow our herb garden where we’ve got thyme, marjoram, savory, oregano, sage, and so much more (and you’d see that if the crazy artichokes hadn’t tripled in height and doomed themselves to be relocated to a bigger area in out in our veggie garden at the end of the season!), use leftover paint to pretty up our little hothouse (where the former owner kept her chest freezer, and the one before that had a hot tub…so much better for plants don’t you think?), and watch the blueberry bushes and hollyhocks get bigger and happier as each year passes !


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