Spring finally turns into summer, and the trails near our house have reopened along the Lewis & Clark River here on the North Coast. Totally perfect day this week to get the pup out (and myself) for a change of scenery where we saw just one person during our mile and a half stroll along the water and through the woods.

Homemade sausages! On the left, we made a merguez sausage from a beautiful piece of local lamb which my husband loved (I’ve never dug the taste of lamb, but it smelled insanely good, particularly with the chopped roasted red peppers inside!), and on the right, I just finished up this batch of smoked andouille this morning using a piece of pork butt, sweet onion, and lovely spices that made it taste sooooo good!


Banksy for the home office…and a reminder every day.

25+ years of friendship – always grateful for my sis 🙂

Now living at the beach, rain or shine. Being near the ocean always feels better, and I’m so glad to be out here on the coast living this latest chapter of my life. May this, the longest day of 2020, remind us of our blessings, no matter what else is happening in the rest of the world. Happy Summer Solstice everyone!


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